adreon henry’s e-z egos & effigies

Posted by – May 13, 2011

CUSTODIAN conceptual front man Adreon Henry is also one of the country’s most innovative and original visual artists and for his latest installation he’s taken over a convenience store…… and the internet… it’s complicated.

Marrying technology to art, Henry is tackling the gray area between physical and cyber in his new site-specific installation “E-Z Egos and Effigies.” It is part vinyl screen-printing and half QR codes and it’s all in a quickie mart, making for a totally weird experience.

The idea for E-Z Egos and Effigies was founded on Henry’s realization that “many people depend on social networking sites to communicate. Technology offers a convenient way to connect, which is why I chose to convert this location and engage audience participation with the use of QR codes to create a multidimensional form of social interaction.” Make sense? You’ll have to go to a pop-up art show at a gas station to fully realize it!

The installation is housed in a converted convenience store displaying sketch-art portrait pieces embedded with QR codes. Viewers are encouraged to use their smart phones to scan the QR codes which are linked to the portrait’s Facebook page that has been embellished with a unique persona and identity, often being befriended by other portrait personas, forming a ready-made community. Included with the purchase of each portrait the buyer will receive the administrative rights to a Facebook profile creating an opportunity to collaborate with the artist through cyber medium. Sounds weird, huh?  We’re excited!  Check out ALL the details HERE.

The installation will also be open to the public every Saturday and Sunday following the May 14th opening from 12pm to 5 pm.

Pick up a hand-numbered soapbox that has a CD with the debut CUSTODIAN ep inside of it HERE!  Of course- there are also soap pads in there too.  What a bargain!

DJ CS(W) gear & clothes stolen?!

Posted by – May 1, 2011

UPDATE!! In under 24 hours, we met our internal goal to help get Chris back on his feet in Brooklyn!  You are all amazing and generous.  THANK YOU INTERNET!

Part of the thing we love about running a small record label is having the opportunity to work with our friends. Not to sound like a gushy unprofessional, but to tell you the truth, we look at the Artifact Workshop bands as part of a big ol’ family of talent and creativity. One of our own could use some help…

Artifact Workshop artist DJ Car Stereo (Wars) has had a run of bad luck. After a great set at SXSW (and a bit of Austin frolicking), Chris returned to New York on April 31st only to have his truck broken into and all his DJ equipment stolen. Not only that, but the jackholes also took two suitcases containing  all his clothes. The good news, according to Chris, is that they didn’t steal the two cases of Shiner Bock he brought up with him.

So not only are these thieves severe douche bags, but they also HATE TEXAS!

If you are in any position to help out your favorite DJ, our best buddy, and an all around good dude, please consider making a donation. Every penny will go straight to Chris to help him get back on his feet after those mean guys jerked up his return to NY. As added incentive we will also mail you a small random offering from our collection of sundries. It won’t be much, but it will be something as a token of our appreciation and EVERYONE likes getting something random in the mail!

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO A FUND TO HELP CHRIS REPLACE HIS GEAR. Just click DONATE HERE and let PayPal walk you thru the rest!

And while you’re there, download his albums so you can have a good karma dance party.

Thank you in advance for being super awesome!

Emily & John


Posted by – August 26, 2010

Have you been to The ND yet? It is a cool space in Austin on E. 5th and Brushy that is hosting some even cooler music these days. We LOVE to see places like this popping up on the east side, and we love it even more when they host our favorite bands like CUSTODIAN, who played a dazzling, head scratching set on Sunday. Check out pictures (and see a little more of The ND) HERE.

In other news…CUSTODIAN is heading up to New Mexico in just a few days to perform at The Albuquerque Film Festival. According to the website, “The Albuquerque Film Festival is a community organization dedicated to celebrating writers, filmmakers, musicians, and artists from around the globe whose visions break rules and startle the imagination.” I’m not sure I could describe CUSTODIAN any better if I tried.

Alert your New Mexico brethren that their weekend just got more interesting. My only question…are they going to check the horse head? You can find CUSTODIAN set times HERE!

(photo credit: John Pesina)

clash of the titans

Posted by – August 6, 2010

The new issue of the Austin Chronicle that is on newsstands all over the capitol city features a flattering glimpse of two Artifact Workshop artists in the Off The Record column. Making the parallel of both Neiliyo and DJ Car Stereo (Wars) releasing music utilizing fair use material for free on the internet, the article speaks positively about both!  Check it:

“DJ Car Stereo (Wars) Explains It All recycles Top 40 hits with 40 bars of Dirty South verses in a manner that would make Girl Talk blush, while (Neiliyo’s) Copyright 1302 layers original electro-funk raps over beats and bleeps from the 1980s….”

Read the whole thing in the paper but for a more in depth transcription of the interview visit HERE!

runaway success

Posted by – July 26, 2010

DJ Car Stereo (Wars) recently got praised for the latest Artifact Workshop release Explains it All by Austin 360!. The review refers to the record (plug: limited edition hand-puff-painted physical copy available only for the cost of shipping or for free download- donations QUITE appreciated!) as “a runaway success”!

Writer Patrick Caldwell goes on to point out that the record “acts as a passionate love letter to popular music likely to trigger at least a few dozen nostalgic remembrances.” Double true!

Read the whole review HERE and if you want to see/hear for yourself what the fuss is about, click HERE.


ATTN Chicago! Neiliyo and DJ Car Stereo (Wars) are heading up to the windy city to play a Lollapalooza pre-party at the Hideout on with our good friends the Hood Internet. It is going down on August 5th, so make sure that night is open! Speaking of the Hood Internet – have you grabbed any of their summer soundtracks yet?  Here ya go : Hood x Anatomy Magazine’s Great American Mixtape and Hood x Mishka’s TRILLWAVE.

like slam

Posted by – June 15, 2010

DJ Car Stereo (Wars) is leaving the bagels and pizza by the slice of Brooklyn behind and returning to Austin for migas and BBQ this weekend as he plays at the Beauty Bar on Saturday the 19th and then again on Sunday the 20th at the Mohawk for a big Austin Music Foundation shin dig.

Recently – the new album Explains it All was featured on Say It Like Slam who hypothesized: “ that mashup mixtapes are the best workout albums. If done correctly, they are a seamless hour of party music. And if you’re anything like me, you need something upbeat to keep you going between the 2nd and 3rd mile of your run! Another (awesome) mixtape to join the ranks of Girl Talk, DJ AM and Mochi Beats is DJ Car Stereo (Wars)!

Read the whole piece HERE!

If you haven’t already, order your hand (puff) painted copy of Explains it All for the mere cost of shipping and handling! OR download it free and if you feel so inclined you can make a donation!  It’s all happening  HERE!

gnocchi no plan

Posted by – June 9, 2010

Things have been quite busy in Artifact Workshop land but ultimately been going great! Emily is finished with her school year, and thus leaving that profession behind and ready to embark on a new one. On her last day of school her food-writing project Gnocchi No Plan (it’s an Okkervil River reference ya’ll) received internet laurels from TWO of our favorite websites! We are taking this a good sign of things to come.

The Austin American Statesmen’s online presence Austin 360 took a peak in our refrigerator for their column What’s In Your Fridge Friday. Writer  Addie Broyles stated that Emily “is as obsessed with music as she is food.”  In addition to pimping our love for garlic and local beers, the article also managed to provide some props for Neiliyo who had one of the busiest weeks ever playing a huge outdoor festival in Houston as well as opening slots at two sold out shows in Austin. He’s not finished yet either: he’ll be in New York playing a show at the Delancy this week and soon after that in Chicago! Read the whole article on Emily HERE!

Emily’s personal and incredibly educational writings were also praised on Recovering Lazyholic, a webpage that encourages you to get up and make something yet simultaneously makes you stay in front of the screen reading about all the cool stuff on the site itself. It’s a brilliant catch 22. Erin from Recovering Lazyholic was the radiant mind behind the art for the Neiliyo Game Night slap bracelets, so we have a lot of respect for her. Emily’s food writing getting co-signed by Recovering Lazyholic is a awesome stamp of approval. Read the whole thing HERE.

Keep up with Emily’s sustainable food-centric musings HERE.

partyends presents CUSTODIAN

Posted by – May 31, 2010

CUSTODIAN is warming up the stage by sweeping up the stage at Mohawk June 2nd for an excellent bill! Yes, before Fresh Millions, Dark Time Sunshine and Awol One do their thing you can watch conceptual performance art hip hop while the room smells of cleaning supplies and Lone Star. Watch CUSTODIAN clean up the stage and rap about the daily struggles, while you eat free cake. Really. We’ll have limited edition copies of the only article of music in the world that comes packaged in a soap pad box Ultrea-Fresh! Not going to be able to make it? Pick up the limited edition CUSTODIAN EP click HERE.  Get more info on the show HERE. See you Wednesday!

day bow bow

Posted by – May 26, 2010

We were VERY pleased that DayBowBow named DJ Car Stereo (Wars) track Whoa Dude their track of the day recently! Here’s an exert:

“the track/album is going to make its way on to the speakers at more than a few parties this spring. Really you can’t give a DJ a bigger compliment.”

Any website with any it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia connotations is tops with us!  Read the whole thing HERE!

If you haven’t already, order your hand puff painted copy of Explains it All for the mere cost of shipping and handling! OR download it free and if you feel so inclined you can make a donation!  It’s all happening  HERE!

Thanks for stopping by the site!

ready for your summer party

Posted by – May 13, 2010 seems to be digging the new DJ Car Stereo (Wars ) record!

They refer to Explains it All as “sample-crazy,” and “ready for your summer party!”  It is hard to argue with that!

Read the whole thing HERE.

Also- check out the pictures from the release show from Infamous Austin !  Keep an eye on that site for all sorts of night life debauchery being documented everyday around the fine capitol city.

Download a copy of the new DJ Car Stereo (Wars) record now for FREE!  If you feel so inclined, we would GREATLY appreciate a donation to help things keep running smoothly. Also- if you simply pay for SHIPPING AND HANDLING you can get a FREE copy of the actual physical CD which is hand (puff) painted and totally bodacious. Pick your poison HERE! Thanks for the support!